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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"


For 5 dollars for such a fun and unique game, I love how the rpg and td elements were combined into one, my 2 fave gengres into 1! Cant go wrong!!


this is one hell of a great game, really, REALLY good... i will be buying my copy of the full game come next pay day :)
one bad thing though... for some reason i can not upgrade my skills for the main character (Azra) dunno if its just me X_x



Definitely a fun time!

It's quite a solid tower defense, mechanically. And I'm 100% in favor of supporting indie game developers. I bought it, the play was good enough and judging by the size of the map I'll easily get my time's worth.

That said, I have to wonder if all aspects of the game are up to the challenge of attracting buyers. AT $5 with the Newgrounds coupon, I had no problem steping up. When the price goes up to $10 later, I'm not sure I'd feel the same. The art in the full version is crisper than in the demo to be sure, but I've played a good number of free games that brought better to the table, many of which on this very site. There is also a huge selection of similarly priced games that far outshine this one in appearance as well. The same applies to the lack of voice acting.
Speaking of voice and audio, I do enjoy all the music I've heard so far, you made some good selections. However there are a few sound effects (From the healers, notably) that are rather hard on the ears, in my opinion. I know there's an option to soften/mute sound effects, but I do enjoy having the other sounds.
I can't say I know how much time, money, and effort would be required to improve these aspects, as I've never developed a game myself. But on the player's end I know there are many products which do deliver it.

Don't take this to mean it's not worth buying, though! Play the demo! If you enjoy it, I encourage you to support the developers and drop a couple bucks on the full version. There's quite a lot more here to enjoy if you got a taste for it from the demo.

LarsiusPrime responds:

We've been absolutely floored by the sales, so we will definitely be looking to polish up some audio/visuals on the next version. It'll be a little while before the "gold" version goes up - we're not the fastest programmers :P

We will absolutely take all this great feedback into account, we want to make the bonus version (which all purchasers get a free upgrade too) as awesome as possible.

A gem waiting to be discovered.

I have to admit. I blew three hours on the trial version. And guess what? I'll be buying the full version too, if it means helping the author creating another high quality game like this. There are a strong handful of generic, less interesting parts of the game like how items work, the repetitive sound tracks and mediocre graphics. I also didn't really enjoy how having an army of characters is often better than having a small amount of characters you tried really hard to power up just to be special. HOWEVER, The story is good, the combat is fast and fun. The multiple difficulties, by far, are what made this demo change from an okay half hour of typical tower defense into a whole hearted three hours of fun and progression. Not only that, but the flat out mechanics, map layouts, and character functions are just so interesting to tinker with and find what works best for your style of play.

I HIGHLY recommend to anyone else who plays this game to support the author and buy the full version. Its like 5 bucks with the Newgrounds coupon. Thats like buying a game on steam, but with way more content and fulfillment. Well done.