Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

Simply Astounding

This game is one of the few TDs that really captures my attention. The RPG elements involved had me hooked. For anyone who is having trouble with the game, the most efficient way to beat it is to not spend any points on leveling any skills up more than one until you hit the level "Old friends, new enemies" (on extreme). Apply skills as you you see fit and max Frenzy out for Azra.

Besides my little hints and tips, The question arises, why did I give this game 8 starts? I don't like the graphics at all. I hated when Azra had that ludicrous face of disbelief on her face. The first archer girl was the only one I could stand. I wish you had chosen a different way to portray the characters instead of this cartoony feel that this game shouldn't have. I'm also not a fan of the menu scheme, It seems....off. But besides that this game is great for the casual player and the hardcore player. The skills are well balanced and the ability to work almost the whole game form the keyboard was great!

Once again, I had a ton of fun. Made two profiles, one was a regular run and the 2nd was an extreme run. Took me 2 hours on the first and 1 hour on the second. All levels are completed in gold too. I just couldn't stand the graphics scheme. But my final score


Played the demo for hours such an enthralling game love it. Why is it that indie developers can scratch the itches big game developers cant. i WILL buy this game. Up with the indie market down with sopa and pipa

You sir, are a genius!

Amazing game, bought it asap after finished the demo! Great work mate, keep it and looking forward for the updates in the future :)


Maaaaan, I really liked Slark xDD It's funny how the craziest characters are the most cool!

Well, about the game now.
Honestly, the game is just great =D It's interesting how do u make a thing like this! TD + RPG = Defender's Quest. Uhm, looking on that why, i could see another link between they xD

It's easy the gameplay, at the same time is hard, due to the way TD of the game. U, player, NEED have some strategy. At the same time, u need either have good characters.

Really good game, a genius thing. xD

Fun and captivating!

This game deserves amazing success! It blends flawlessly the two genres, taking using very best from both. The story itself compelled me as well. It especially surprised me how it was meshed with the tutorial in the beginning of the game, it kept me super-interested while doing an otherwise boring part in games.

Will buy and recommend.