Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

i see the potential!!!

great game, though i only realised its a demo after completing the game, and except for the last level i got 3 stars everywhere.

nice that you can change the experience settings, but what is that game tracking option there?

the graphics werent good, but the game is enjoyable.

just one more thing, after playing for hours, my game just went dark, hope the game autosaves, but if not, still a great game.

and i like the story too.


Main character can't learn spells?

It's a great game, but when I tried to upgrade the woman's spells, there's not even a button to let me upgrade her skills, no matter where I look :s


You have done a good job on creating such a nice game, yet alone a large scale one too plus a story all together.

The music does well, but I talk about the gameplay quite a lot, it's a good idea to use the limitation of towers, which heroes are nicer than just old fashion towers. Overall, you got my 10s.

Great game

It's really good! Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics... a RPG game on a tactic mode. And the story is interesting.


Simply amazing. I.. might just buy the full version. Usually I refuse the idea of buying a flash game, but this one is good enough to earn it.
My biggest complaint was the paper-cutout style art. The lack of fluid expressions really cut back on the experience in the cut-scenes.
Everything else is great: Good plot, interesting characters, non-intrusive yet good background music, fairly smooth combat, simple leveling, and cool basic gear.