Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

I don't...

I don't often take the time to write a review, but this game is so exceptional that I could not help myself. You took the time to make each and every aspect of the gameplay worthwhile. I had a lot of fun taking the time to get a perfect on every level. You did an amazing job making each of the three classes playable in the demo worthwhile. The talent trees for each individual allowed for enough variance in each of my individual minions so that I took the time to decide which should be placed where.

As a lover of tower defence games I must thank you for all of you effort!

wish it was for free

I'm amazed of this game. I didn't pain must mind when I first saw it newgrounds until read it mix in RPG/tower defense got my interses. I've noticed lately, alot of people been mixing around tower defense styles with different ones. But I ain't complaining. The style is one liked by many, it just needs to be different enough for everyone one be unquie.

Honestly, when played it, I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but I know I wasn't expecting must. But the story gotten me into the mood. The artwork wasn't the best, but good enough. it ain't too bad to see, and you can see how the effects are. Even if not all movement or talking, things like that. I think it done well enough.

And as the battles, I like the touch on it. you are limited to 6 characters of each class. Which you unlock to get, after you meet the main character for the class and get to town. I'm happy of the limitations on how many you can get each class, and makes my life easier, since I liked to get the characters as soon as I can for leveling. I like states, to have ya character more attacker, or set it more more make the enemies bleed, or more swift. I ain't complelty sure it makes must of the different, haven't really checked to see.

The story, it was interesting, it ain't too story base, and if you look at it one way, the story is very simple. But played out well to keep people intesred, also not given enough information of what's going on. Plus makes you wonder what's really going on, even if the story gives alittle off, but not all of it. And as for the characters. *spoilers, note: I nickname every character I gotten so I can't use their real names. ^^"* for the main character, she is more as confused as we are. Starting to understand things, yet kinda confused for the most part. As the next one, the red hair, at first I though he was kinda cowardly of first impressions, but I guess the main character ability makes him more braver, also the story shows he is pretty must crazy, at lest not crazy, crazy. Then the black hair girl, she seems more like knowing what's going on, kinda leading the group at the start, and more knowledgeable. Not sure on book smart, but she is at lest got some good common senses. Then here's the last one, that was helping, since the main character was discovered about her ability. When you get the naming screen, and read alittle extra, makes you wonder what he did, espilley the talk afterwords of that. Now for villains, one's basically for the money, and rich, the pit was very fitting for him. He just the character that seems to fit having the pit. As for the other one, he mostly only wants the girl, and can turn people into uum...dead things he can control. both dead or alive. Not sure what goal he has in mind, but he just after the girl, and seems to know the elder guy. Wondering what next would happen

That's my review. This game is better then most people thought. Since first apperings, seems kinda plain. And the updates of different tower defense game updates. But each one I played mix with the TD, was original, and fun. just pointing out why people might think this is ain't good as it appears. Another one, since you gotta buy for the whole game. I'm abit down at that, but I understand completely. Sometimes you just worked so hard on something, just an, 'wow this cool' ain't good enough, plus not bad to have some extra money.

Overall, I personally like it, I love both tower defense, and rpg elements. the artwork is good enought for me, and I love the story. But those that has other tastes, or rather a better artwork, might be otherwise. But this person completed happy of played this game, and I hope to see more of your work in the future. (I'm sorry for my misspellings.)


it can only be completed on casual, on normal power is properly balanced only on first levels or im just retarded

Better than I thought!

I wasn't that interested in this, seeing as how it looked like an RPG. I am fairly glad to find out it actually was not. Well, as the genre suggests, it does combine strategy and defense into one game. I think the best thing about this is probably how good the graphics are with their detail. It also helps that there's a lot of easy medals to get, even the secret ones! It seems like you have set up a good story for yourself.

It reminds me of when I was talking to a friend just last night about drawing on the Internet. While most of it is done with sprites, the drawn scenes are great too. The story moves along at a pretty good pace. I am so getting used to hearing that funny sound whenever a new medal pops up. Well, I guess it's not so much funny as it is cool.


It seems well thought out and established, potentially a great flash game actually. However, the art style doesn't really match the atmosphere of the game in my opinion. For a demo it did good so I expect the finalized version to do great.