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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"


I love it how you managed to combine RPG, following a story, playing a party gaining experience, skills and equipment, with tower defense - and on a different map for each battle. This makes the game unique and much more interesting than the usual tower defense games (which I like nonetheless).

To make a long story short, I just finished the demo now and bought the full game :) To be continued on my PC...

The price is a joke, right?

The gameplay seems cool although I did not get very far.

My gripe is with the pricing for the art style. It's very amateur. The style reminds me of freeware indie games like "Neophyte." The problem is that games like those were from the late 90s. There is no reason for UI and art style like this to be packaged with a game that is being sold for $7 bucks at a discount of $5. The gameplay may be great, but I really think you should work more on the visuals before expecting so much money for a FLASH game. For that price, you could purchase at least 3 iOS/Android games that are designed by professional teams and look beautiful.

Don't get me wrong, the gameplay seems cool and innovative at all. I just think the presentation and artwork need work. For example, from the looks of it the sprites have just one extra color of shading, and the rest are just single-color fills. The poses are sloppy and the cutscene art (while the scenes themselves are cool) are very amateur.

Even the UI is very "basic" and looks like it was just quickly done.

Sorry, for the amount you want for this game, I would expect you to have at least hired somebody to do better art. I would not have this concern if this were free or a buck.


..SOLD! This game is awesome! I only played for about 20 minutes before I decided to pick this thing up! Normally, I don't pay for digital media if I can avoid it, but this is SO worth the $5!

Can't wait for updates!


i give the game a 7 because as it is, its a pretty tight game. obvious that a lot of work went into it. would i call the story "engaging?" no. did a great job coming up with some unique characters however i get more variety as far as customization while choosing breakfast cereals. ive payed better games for free though, and wouldnt end up paying for something this low quality. sorry

Really good game

I see a lot of art that is similar in style to your characters as they appear in the cutscene/movies, so that's the only area I would improve on. A little more character style variety would be nice, if you're only going to have one character style per type (all berserkers look the same, for instance) then open up the color wheel so you can choose any color for hair, skin, etc. I had to grind for 5+ levels to get the 21st gold star, though this wouldn't have been as tedious if I was playing to full game instead of the demo. The best xp fight was the 6th island, extreme ranking, played ad nauseum until I could get my mains up to level 15.