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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

Well worth the purchase.

As a guy who usually doesn't even like TD games, having played the full version I can heartily vouch for this being worth ten, fifteen bucks. So, at its actual price, it was quite a bargain. Excellent storyline presentation, solid enough visual aesthetics (I'm not sure why everyone's panning the artwork of a frickin' TD game, and one that's got better art than most games in its genre), an atmospheric soundtrack, and most importantly very solid gameplay -- aside from the slight balance issue of Berserkers being the most powerful endgame class -- add up to make this indie game very competitively priced.

This is definitely good enough to make its way into something with more publicity like a Humble Bundle, and I hope it does.

I really liked it

I enjoyed all of it, it was great. I liked the first Berserker you got (I called him Too Cool, can't remember his original name). The characters were cool, and the battle system was very fun.

I did every battle on the hardest, except the last one... I just couldn't damage anything. Even with my archers having the armor piercing ability at level 8... they still did no damage to the armored things! The only thing that did damage to them was the lightning attack, but I didn't have enough psi to kill them all.

A great game for free

The game itself is fun. In the demo version at 100% experience, it becomes tedious to keep placing your characters one by one into their fighting positions in order to level up and/or gain currency. Perhaps if one could play deeper into the game there would be less need to repeat battles, but it seems doubtful. I am currently playing at 300% experience, but I still need to repeat battles to obtain currency.

At just $5 (with discount) I was tempted to buy the full game, but when I went to the website to learn more, I found: Adobe AIR, the software platform the game is built on. First, go here and download a fresh copy.

About a year ago, I declined an EULA from Adobe to install AIR because I didn't like their privacy terms, so there is no way I can play your game without installing AIR first.

I also noted that you made a list of the things your game didn't come with and one of those items was: A $60 price tag.
Well, let's be honest; there is a big difference between a $60 game and this one. I picked up several used Playstation 3 games for $10 each and the graphics there is waaayyyyy superior to yours. Which got me to thinking again about your asking price. I would have to say that $7 is too steep. $5 (with $2 discount bringing it to $3) would be much more reasonable. And if you do away with the "special" and simply make it $3 all the time, I think you stand a better chance of selling far more copies (and making more money) than by trying to get rich quick on a few sales. I believe many more people would freely support you 4 guys if you asked for less. Remember... once the game is done, you can sell it forever and keep bringing in that trickle of cash which will grow nicely. Ask too much and you will be ignored. At 00.5 cents each, the guy who invented the little paper packet of sugar is a millionare! (At least that's what I was told.) Less CAN be MORE.
Good luck to you guys. It is nice to see the little guy succeed.

Very good

Wish I got the full version. Got all the medals. It is a very interesting game with a good story.

I loved it :3

This was sent to me by a frien, and I immediately found it both challenging and fun, and couldn't get enough of it! I immediately had shared it with a lot of my friends, and they are enjoying it as we speak! I hope the trend continues and we just keep spreading it around like a 'good' kind of virus. This is so very fun. Please make more games ^.^