Reviews for "FakÉmon Vs. Series - Ep03"

This series

Is amazingly good. Problem is that the lip sync needs more work. Then again, I guess you're trying to copy pokemon.. but still.. :D?

this reviwe will be rated useless

-i dont like the staring moments. idc if its an aciton movie or not its not good
-the moving mouth wasnt always sencronyzed with the characters voice
-10 on 10 . might be the average score arround here.
this is not perfect im sorry.
and 6 is good. the voice acting is low quality
and the 3 points are very visible so yeah. 9 or 10 must bea a blow for me
and because of those i wont give a 7.

Awesome cartoon ^_^

We want continuation of the story!

Very well done.

Great animation and very well done. The voice acting was good, i can't wait for the next episode.