Reviews for "FakÉmon Vs. Series - Ep03"

pretty good, kept me intertaned. :)
keep it up!


I wished it actually had a story so that you could grow attached to the characters/fakemon. Either way, it's very well made.

I liked it!

I, personally, am a fan of Fakemon. This brings back memories of the times I used to download rom hacks and play some the games with Fakemon in them. This is a well done animation, even if it was a little slow. It's most certainly better than what I could possibly ever do. The only thing that really bugs me is that at times the voices went from kinda quiet to really loud. I really hope to see more of this series in the future.


This is totally how that show goes down. Good job with your original monsters too. They definitely look like they could be in the real dex. Fix sound.

fairly good graphics, poor plot

Set your sound into single track and change the properties to stream so it syncs better. Easy way to do that in flash is to export the flash as sound and use that to replace the current sound.
This is good animation for what it is, unfortunately its not original and the story is not good enough. Let me clarify that last sentence, I am not talking about how Fakemon are like the same things as Pokemon or that it includes monster battles, I am talking about how there is no original story here. You do not provide your characters with motive or background and frankly your character could be an excerpt of any main character of the Pokemon series. Set your story apart with unique motivation personalities and plot events then it will be interesting. Going all battles will not work well without the battle being earth shattering. Another thing that sells well is comedy so consider working something funny or parodyish into it if you want more view on newgrounds.