Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"

What a comeback!

Oh wow I honestly never thought we'd be getting another one of these bad boys. Just when you thought 2 ridiculously hard games was enough out comes a third one packed with the most ridiculous questions and challenges that would give Wario Ware a run for it's money. I mean for gods sake I can't even get past the first game!

Ah well that said I got up to 20 questions and then got confused as hell that said great job mr. Splapp!


nothings impossible with 40 shots of cocaine and a six pack!

People should really try and think...

Wow I really can't believe people don't get the concept of this game. Of course some of the questions haven't got a right anwser, at least one in the options given. That's why the game states "Think outside the box". Already played the first two games and this one is as good as them. Great Job!

Cool! Well i am not gonna give it a 0 or anything else except a 10. Good job...

dude question 8 wait that seems familiar