Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"


As per usual the impossible quiz series. The people arguing that the seventh letter of the alphabet isn't H... "THE ALPHABET" count the letters.. the seventh is H..

Okay, I have to be completely honest. I loved The Impossible Quizzes. They kept my entertained for hours and the satisfaction of finally beating them felt so good, but this installment falls a little short of their stature. The questions are mostly just guesses and I feel like they really REALLY tried to make this one impossible. I'm still on the quest to figure everything out now. We'll see how it goes!

i got stuck...

cant get past the question "WHAT IS THE SEVENTH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET?" seems like this one is cool but would be decent with a walkthrough or something...

H isn't the seventh letter of the Alphabet.

It's the eighth. So, yeah, that puzzle was built around a total lie.

Endurance tests like these are okay, but this is just frustrating.

what is question 17?