Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"

Completed with a Grade B

please upload the chapter 2 and 3 to newgrounds

For those who says that the questions have no logic in them, let me explain the answers.

1) Carefully (You have to answer the questions carefully)
2) Clint Eastwood ( 'Star' also means a famous actor and Clint is famous for portraying a cowboy who's good at shooting)
3) 2:30 (Two-thirty = tooth hurty)
4) A femur (Fusion of the words 'female' and 'lemur')
5) Click the empty skip arrow (It is also point eastwards)
6) Click the word 'What' ( It isn't a question, it is a statement saying 'what' is the best thing since slice bread)
7) Illegal (ill eagle)
8) Press 'H' on your keyboard ( 'H' is the seventh letter of the phrase 'the alphabet')
9) BLND PG (It has no eyes or no i's)
10) 7 or 8 (Simply count the number of sperm, it varies each time)
11) 4 ('Assassins' has four unique letters: A,S, I and N)
12) Click the dots in order (Logic is obvious)
13) Corn flakes (Many of them fall on the floor)
14) Click the indicated object-either dolphin, pigeon or fork (Again, the logic is clear)
15) >:C (Angry, because the quiz is hard)
16) Click the word 'question' (Since the options read 'press the long one' and 'question' is the longest word)
17) Press 'C' on your keyboard (C=Sea)
18) The dictionary (It literally shows you the meaning of word 'life')
19) A tin (A reference to a question in the first Impossible Quiz which is "Can a match box?" Ans. "No, but a tin can")
20) Click Chris repeatedly until the animation is done (Obvious)
21) Drag the dot after the question number and drag it between '2' and '1' in the question number and click it (21/10=2.1)
22) Yoglett (wordplay)
23) Pop the indicated number of bubbles and then click the arrow
24) Move your cursor between 'far too' and click the word 'fart' that appears (farts stink)
25) Seaweed (Sea weed or the sea urinated)
26) Yes (Based on your answer for the previous question)
27) Wow. The Impossible Quiz sure has gone downhill (It is unnatural for the Impossible Quiz to employ normal logic)
28) Drag off the dude's body and click his liver (Deliver=The Liver)
29) A yoglett (Referencing question 22)
30) Press the left and right arrow keys until the tank appears (The arrow keys control the movement of your character in most games)
31) No U (There are 100 pennies in a pound but the U is missing from the word 'pound')
32) Press 'M' on your keyboard (There is one 'M' in 'a minute, two in 'a moment and none in 'a thousand years')
33) You wrote it with your left hand (The creator of the game is right-handed and is not used to writing with his left hand)
34) Biased (Biased is play on the words 'bi' and 'ass' with 'bi'= two and 'ass'=donkey)
35) Press 'P' on your keyboard (P=Pee)
36) Drag the word 'bowel' and click "Answer" (bowel movement=movement of the 'bowel')
37) Click the button repeatedly until Chris is transformed
38) 25.81 (square root of 666 is 25.81)
39) People die (swine flu=swine flew which means pigs flew)
40) In my gentleman's area (or otherwise) (click on the doll's crotch)
41) Wipe their arse (dump here means defecate)
42) Mash all keys repeatedly(except Tab) until the worm on the right is dead (reference to a flash game made by a DeviantArt user)
43) Type the word 'cast' with your keyboard (the answer is to type 'cast')
44) Drag the word "mouse" on top of "here", then click the arrow on the right of the screen
45) Drag the word "ground" down, and fix the leaks under there (The under ground pipes = The pipes under the word “ground”)
46) There are 7 different questions:

1. JFMAMJJASON? (Answer: D) January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November (Answer: December)
2. OTTFFSSEN? (Answer: T) One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (Answer: Ten)
3. MTWTFS? (Answer: S) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (Answer: Sunday)
4. ROYGBI? (Answer: V) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo (Answer: Violet)
5. MVEMJSUN? (Answer: P) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (Answer: Pluto)
6. TIQTIQTTIQ? (Answer: B) The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz Two, The Impossible Quiz (Answer: Book)
7. FFFRRPPHHH? (Answer: That’s a fart isn’t it?)
47) Rub the mouse up and down the pole until the tesla coil that the Badly Drawn Dogs are chewing on its struck by the bigger tesla coil (reference to Splapp's Badly Drawn Dog, series 3, episode 2)
48) 1 (how many key S do you need to make something ‘unStable’)
49) Either drag the word "Life" onto Mars, or click Mars' craters until a Phlovomite (blue alien) pops out with a sign that says "Yes!" (you will have to do only one of these tasks each time, it's completely random)
50) Click the headed hook three times.

trickykiller411 all you do is press C as in sea.

Not that Hard but its pretty funny and its one of my favorite quiz games and can't wait to finish it.