Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"


This game really makes you think differently and I love the play on the words.

TIP: To all of those struggling with "The Alphabet" remember you can use your keyboard too....

A nice looking game, but with a flawed design

The game itself is very solid, and I like the aesthetics, but these type of "Impossible Quiz" games frustrate me because the quiz offers multiple answers which have an equal probability of being correct, but only the game designer's answer is correct according to the game. Since this game does not really differ from any other impossible quiz games in the past, I'm afraid all I can give this submission is a 4.

Well put-together but short.

This game is a worthy successor to the first two Impossible Quiz games, containing all the random hilarity, neat little minigames and brain-bending puzzles, often with unexpected or groan-inducing answers. Oh, and a little hint for anyone who can't work out the seventh letter of the alphabet: where else in your room might it be found, besides one of the answer buttons on the screen?


Awesome game. There is a walkthru, but I think it's passable without one. Very nice.

i got stuck...

cant get past the question "WHAT IS THE SEVENTH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET?" seems like this one is cool but would be decent with a walkthrough or something...