Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"

People should really try and think...

Wow I really can't believe people don't get the concept of this game. Of course some of the questions haven't got a right anwser, at least one in the options given. That's why the game states "Think outside the box". Already played the first two games and this one is as good as them. Great Job!

Going doooown.

Really, you should at least give an hint of what we are supposed to do.
I mean, okay it's an impossible quiz but if you don't want us to win in the first place then you could just make an easter joke like "Ah! There isn't really a game!".

Just what you would except in a "Impossible quiz"

I really enjoyed this game, it had all the familiar tricks from the old games, and new ones!

Now..... a lot of people gave this game a pretty bad score, well, its not the developers fault you cant "think outside the goddamn box" like you are supposed to. Let me give you a few examples (i will point them out in " ") :

Question 2: Which of the following is a "Shooting star"
Obviously this is wordplay and it means an actual "movie star" , thats why Clint Eastwood goes there.

Question 8: What is the "eight letter" of the alphabet?
Impossible quiz pros would most likely be thinking of "the alphabet" counting as a wordplay, but in this question you have to press the letter H on your keyboard, since its the eight letter.

Question 11: How many "Letters in Assassins"
another wordplay, in here it means all the different letters in the word assassins, so the letters are A, S, I and N. That means there are 4 different letters in assassins.

Question 16: Obviously the answers are pointing out the questions answer is actually in the question itself.

Question 17: Even i got stuck in this one, it shows a picture of what, a sea right? well, the letter C spells like sea, so therefore its the right answer.

Question 21: a trick question, 21 : 10 = 2.1, and the only way to get this is to move the dot in the question number 21, making it 2.1 and it becoming the answer.

Question 24: Which smells lingers for "far t"oo long?
By now you should understand that even if its multiple choice, its not meant to be correct, sometimes you have to "think outside the box".

Question 32: im not even gonna try to convince you with this, the answer is the letter M.

Question 36: Answering this question may require "bowel movements".
wordplay again.... this time it means you can actually move the word bowel.

Question 38: if you dont understand this then guess what it is, its math!
The square root of All Evil (a.k.a 666) is 25.81

Question 39: What happens after pigs "fly"? answer people "die", why? It rhymes.

Question 43: The answer is "Typecast"- exactly what it says over there.

Question 45: fix all the pipes, right? well its another fecking trick question, the word ground can be moved.

Now stop complaining and start learning! this game isnt called "impossible" for nothing!

the music is good but

the game is weird

I don't care if people vote this as useless

I was having a ball, until I came to two questions that has no right answers at all, making me stuck, and I lose every time. If you want to make a quiz, especially a multiple choice one at best than you should at least have a right answer in there. The game is no fun if all the answers are wrong.