Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"


The first quiz was somewhat clever (mostly puns) but this one is mostly a lot of bullshit trial-and-error. For example, the first question: how to start these quizzes is a complete cop-out.


If you dont want no help dont even read it

1. Carefully. (Don't you always have to start carefully?)

2. Clint Eastwood. (Eastwards, no?)

3. 2:30

4. The answer is the name of one of your bones.

5. Click on where the Skip Power-Up is supposed to be. (According to the compass, it is pointing east.)

6. Click on the word What. (It is saying that the word "What" is the best thing since sliced bread. Like me saying "Who died.")

7. Illegal (Ill Eagle)

8. Press the "H" key on your keyboard.

9. Blnd Pg (Referring to the pig without eyes, the phrase doesn't have any "I's" either.

10. This is a random question. The only two right answers will be 7 and 8, but you have to count for yourself.

11. 4

12. Connect the dots. You don't have to start at the first dot before 1. When you get to "7" stop there and click the first button, the one you don't have to start on. Continue.

13. Corn Flakes

14. This is a random question. The choices will be Dolphin, Pigeon, and Fork. The dolphin will be at your left, pigeon at your left, fork at your right.

15. >:C (Don't lie to me.)

16. Click "Question".

17. Press the "C" key on your keyboard.

18. The Dictionary. (Also the Bible, but this is referring to the general meaning.)

19. A tin. (This sound familiar...)

20. Keep clicking the cat.

21. How can you find 2.1 on the question? (Ahum, question number, ahum.)

22. A yoglett.

23. Pop the same amount of number shown to you (18, 23, 27) connecting from the left side of the game to the right arrow bubble. Don't forget to pop that slightly darker bubble at the very side of the game...


25. Why did the sea wee on the beach?

26. It tells you not to click on the answer, but it doesn't tell you to not click on the answer above it.

27. I agree with the bottom right answer, don't you? Well you should.

28. Deliver the guy. (De-liver.)

29. Refer back to Question 22.

30. "LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT" says the general.

31. NO U (In pond)

32. M. (You get be able to get this.)

33. This is the time when you think simply. Not too fancy, because that is too much to the right. (


35. Press the "P" key on your keyboard.

36. That word "bowel" sure looks suspicious.


38. It's not what you think it would be.

39. People die.

40. (Or otherwise.)

41. Wipe their arse.

42. Mash your keyboard until "Pig Buster is a dead one!"

43. Typecast.

44. Put the word "mouse" on "here".

45. Fix ONLY the underground pipe. (under "ground')

46. This a random question. The hints to all of them are:

- OFFTTSSEN (Numbers in word form.)


- MVEMJSUN (Planets.)

- MTWTFS (Days.)

- TIQ (What is the name of the game this walkthrough explains?)

- ROYGBI (Colors of the rainbow.)

-FFFFFFRRRRRHHHHH (That's wasn't a fart, was it?)

47. Rub the pole VERY fast until the Tesla Coil hits it. If you have a Fusestopper and you are running out of time, use it.

48. The answer to this question is the same answer to this: How manys keys does it takes to open a lock?

49. This is a random question. Click all around Mars to find any life form...

50. JUST FINISH HIM OFF WITH YOUR PWNAGE CLICKING!!!! (Click on the robot three times.)

All that you can expect from Splapp-me-do

As a fan of Impossible Quiz 1&2 I was really happy to find this... or really sad because now I had to play it and torture myself a little more. The only thing I was left missing was better main theme. It doesn't burn into your mind like in the 1st or 2nd quiz, it's just a beat. Maybe it's because of the incident with the 2nd quiz that got music removed because of LBP (or that's what I have heard).


Great up until the "Life on Mars" bit. I found it, but the timer ended immediately and I lost anyways. Once I got there again, that particular level was covered in black spots and all of the places where you're supposed to check weren't able to be clicked. I know this is probably so obscure that it's not worth looking into, but it'd be nice if you could fix it sometime.

Awesome but...

God are these quizzes awesome. Though it would have been better to add a "checkpoint" from time to time as after a while of repeating over and over again the first questions you learn them by heart and it gets a bit annoying,breaking the pace of the game.