Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"


As per usual the impossible quiz series. The people arguing that the seventh letter of the alphabet isn't H... "THE ALPHABET" count the letters.. the seventh is H..


How do you get past 21 /10 question?!

H isn't the seventh letter of the Alphabet.

It's the eighth. So, yeah, that puzzle was built around a total lie.

Endurance tests like these are okay, but this is just frustrating.

Enjoyable once again...

People just need to understand that this game was MADE to be random. The whole game is centered around thinking outside the box and analyzing the question in different ways.

Some of the questions were hard yes but overall it was nostalgia for me coming back a trying to again crack the codes that are your twisted pictures, quick time events, and puzzles. However, it really didn't bring anything really fantastically NEW to the table. All in all great once again (just -1 for the somewhat repetitive feel).

5/5 :)

Guess What?

slap me! This is like CR**, Freaki** hate it, you hardly can pass.