Reviews for "Impossible Quiz Book 1"

Bad first impression for new series

Unlike the last quiz, this one has too random answer...
And I find clicking around (like most games) pointless because of time limit or you lose lives for clicking wrong. However, I like the art, music, animations...makes this very appealing (I was like screw this game, then the next day, I decided to play it again for the artwork). What I recommend is looking up the answer, because some questions after the one you can't beat are pretty witty :)

Glitch found

On question 45 (underground pipes), fixing the wrong pipes and using the fusestopper will cause the game to hang (since either the bomb or a correct answer is required to move on, and the player cannot unfix pipes).

Splapp-me-do responds:

Are you sure you fixed the "under ground" pipes and not just the ones you could see?

Where randomness and wittiness combine.

It's finally here! Though it's disappointing the Newgrounds version is almost exactly the same as the E4 Games versionand the fact that there are only fifty questions, this is an amazing experience that those without brains will truly get frustrated. This time, Splapp-Me-Do astonishes us with a well-thought story. The questions are as witty as ever and the music still pleases the ears. However, I found this one lacking in difficulty. Mostly, Impossible Quiz games are near impossible even with the answers. All I did on this one was check online and finished the game in no time flat. What's up with that? Impossible Quizzes are addicting and this one is no different. However, for a game you've prepared for such Iong time, I'm dissappointed with the final result. I can tell this was an experiment to see if you still had it or whatever, but I still wish more content was added inside. Overall, you've done an excellent job. Though, I'm disappointed with the ending result, nothing too bad is revealed. Congratulations Splapp. Once again, you've made knowledge and imagination combine to make a completely original game. Perhaps one day you'll win a Newgrounds Tank Award and show the world your overall awesomeness. Whatever happens, I'll always stick with you and the gang. You're still one of my favorite authors and that never will change. Next time, please hurry it up with publishing the games onto Newgrounds, since E4 Games is crap. Thanks in advance!

Oh man, this was great

Following the "impossible" series has been a pleasure. i just played this, and I can't lie, it is a huge improvement. Forget about everyone trying to over analyse this game. Some people just aren't random enough to handle these games.

The music you chose for this game was good. Kind of a "welcome back vets" feel. I have to say that the opening animation was nice.

Thank you for finally giving us 5 lives instead of the standard 3. Can't tell you how many times i would have been done if I just had 1 more life, and this time, I did. Once again, a solid addition.

I personally enjoyed the way you went about making us answer. Press H on the keyboard for a change, click around the screen, etc. You have defied logic again and made it fun to see your twisted reality. I love it.

Keep doing what you do, it works. By the way, NEVER, EVER, EVER PRESS TAB...you will either laugh really hard, or fling your laptops across the room. I laughed so it's all water under the bridge. great game, 10-5. No bonus points were given for the MLP reference on question 2.

Its pointless

A quiz is a set of questions that goes with answers. This just dont make sense.