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Reviews for "Survival Dood"

not bad....

fairly simple, but this could go somewhere... i think you might be on to something good here.... please make more, i do want to see where your going with this

This is another one of those games that's just so weird. What I do like is how it's pretty easy. I love the notion of someone as ridiculously fat as this guy would go skinny. He'd eat himself before he lost enough weight! In case anyone's wondering, he's how to get through the first day. Open the box and use the knife to cut off part of the tree. Then touch the rocks and use the match to build a fire.

You guys should be able to finish the rest of this by yourselves. What I didn't like was how the graphics were nothing special. The actual fat guy himself is funny to look at, but he's not in a well made environment. At least it's the kind of game you can really take your game with. It could have also used music.

Simple, yet cute.
Hoping to see more interactivity possibilities and more animations in the next one.

its basic man

too easy

not enough variety or options... is there even a way to lose?