Reviews for "Naruto-Seishun kyosokyoku"

Oh daaaaaaamn

My only problem is the direction Naruto is going in.. This opening was pretty cool but the opening to the very first season before Naruto even knew what was inside of him was the best opening :P where they used Naruto's theme for that opening but sadly the direction in which Naruto is going makes me not give this a 5 but I'll give you a 10 star

NessSuccess responds:

Thanks for the review, and aw come on its not so bad :P

He sure has grown

Naruto sure has grown in power. The first signs of his OP BOSSness was when he learned Fuuton rasenshuriken, then sage mode right off the bat and now he has full linked with the kyuubi after so recently conquering it he instantly befriended it. He was also given chakra by some of the other Bijuu and given their names and entrusted with their spirit and will. Naruto seems to have been prophesied to reunite all of the bijuu into one and make them whole. There was a scene with a tearful baby but still giant kyuubi. CHAPTER 572 is what came out when I posted this on 2/2/2012. KURAMA IS KYUUBI'S NAME

NessSuccess responds:

I read that chapter yesterday, he really has grown so much its ridiculous. He started out as a noisy brat, now hes the fucking child of prophecy, taking on 5 bijuu at once with ease. It'll forever be my favorite manga.

laged to infinity and beyond

looks awesome, its just that my computer cant handle it

Not bad,its incredible!!

Not Bad!

I love sprite / pixel animation. Great series. I'm sure this was a ton of fun to make too. I think these sprites were originally from the gba game. My only beef here is the use of pixels and points together. it's definitely ok to use both if you give the illusion that it's only one or the other but you threw brush strokes in there which made me feel like it wasn't unified. Other than that it was pretty solid.