Reviews for "Troll Hunter"

its a pretty fun fun game

Pretty addicting

This was surprisingly a lot more fun than I expected. It's a smooth shooter, the Trolls (and company) appear at reasonable times, and the power-ups appear just when you need them too. It's also funny as shit, I won't forget. Also, is there any reason there's just a gray screen when times runs out? Is it just my computer or the game? Because if there's meant to be a leaderboard or something there, then you can discard this next point, but a nice addition to the game would be seeing your score compared to other players, just like other shooters. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun and addicting game.

Mermerkaya responds:

Thanks! Actually, that is exactly what that gray screen should be, a highscore leaderboard. I don't know why but it takes a while to load. I'm trying to figure out the reason and I'll fix it asap.

if you hit justin bieber 30 points

Pretty Good

I was surprised, this was actually not a bad Flash game. It was hilarious, first of all, and the targets popped up for just the right amount of time so it wasn't too hard or too easy. The Trololol Guy's head and the Nyan Cat targets were also nice little bonus touches. I wish maybe the levels would change or something, but it's a great base.

when i shot nyan cat i was like NOOOOOOOOO... i seriously shout it