Reviews for "Troll Hunter"

when i shot nyan cat i was like NOOOOOOOOO... i seriously shout it

DIE JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its a pretty fun fun game

Very fun

I find it quite fun.

Pretty addicting

This was surprisingly a lot more fun than I expected. It's a smooth shooter, the Trolls (and company) appear at reasonable times, and the power-ups appear just when you need them too. It's also funny as shit, I won't forget. Also, is there any reason there's just a gray screen when times runs out? Is it just my computer or the game? Because if there's meant to be a leaderboard or something there, then you can discard this next point, but a nice addition to the game would be seeing your score compared to other players, just like other shooters. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun and addicting game.

Mermerkaya responds:

Thanks! Actually, that is exactly what that gray screen should be, a highscore leaderboard. I don't know why but it takes a while to load. I'm trying to figure out the reason and I'll fix it asap.