Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

Where are the authors to the left?

I like movies that make you think like this. I was wondering who the voice actors were to the left side cause they usually show em but I guess it's just artist only displayed. That's not fair! Must not be NG members or something, but still. Can't wait til the 3rd one to come out!


The music perfectly fits the storyline, gave me an adrenaline rush at the end there. Really great, I'd love to see the new installments coming up!


Can't say more about that. But, u amost done the 3rd episode ??????


Hey Lifepoint1 Xin has always been one of my fav series i truly hope you guys can make a come back i always look forward to any thing you guys make.

Oh this looks good...

I'm gonna give you a 10 in hopes it motivates you to make the next part of this story quicker than 2 years. :P