Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

its okay

when your writing is cliche and your characters are all the pretentious "stare at an off angle that implies dramatic clause character", you dont have much groundwork to end a story with.

not to mention that 1 tween of a decent anime drawing and a white looping graphic for talking isn't very... professional in the least. it shows you were lazy with the actual product.

as for the art, its just basic, mildly-sloppy anime characters that all react how they would in any other stock late 90's anime. the voice acting is okay, but its definitely not perfect, although i don't expect it to be.

not a wonderful piece, but its at least something. it at least tries to have a coherent story thats somewhat engaging. my final thoughts? well... if you like to browse anime just to watch the same tired cliches over and over because you think its "cute" or "brooding", then you'll probably fall in love with this. i give it a modest recommendation just for the voice acting.


BornOffAngelic - the best thing is some day you'll die.
micou7 - i cant just wait for episode 3!!!
Where is episode 3? Where i can find the comic?


For years later.
still a piece of shit

get better at animating.
I hope to God you're not working on this type of shit for your career

I don't meen to be a hard ass but I wonder if the next one will be good... I cant wait

see you in a few years

Vary Interesting

I like the concept of the missing people theory, and the sorta " GANTZ " type feel to the surroundings. What's to be expected with all these people with diffrent personalities? guess the answer will be toled in the next episode. Looking forward to it, just feeling for the characters, is what touched me.


Can't say more about that. But, u amost done the 3rd episode ??????