Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

Bad ass!

Story is great, hope you make more like this. Xin was also amazing, keep it up man!


Hey Lifepoint1 Xin has always been one of my fav series i truly hope you guys can make a come back i always look forward to any thing you guys make.


Great voices and art style! The story sorta reminds me of Gantz :)

Well written

So... you guys come out 3 years at a time per episode, then finally say that you can't finish...? Just when it gets interesting?! Story of my life... weeeee...

At least it was fun while it lasted I suppose. Plus, I completely understand life getting in the way.

its a wat? timer? tile? dial?

i always wished that when people act they dont have to act like they're trynig to act but have a normal conversation like any other person in the room.

Other than that this voice acting is pretty good by the standards people have today, if there are any. Looking forward to ep 3 and

more improvements in acting
more improvement in animation

Aweseomeness that I can already see. A wise guy, two chicks, thot the blonde would have a more ...i dunno, south or deeper voice cuz of the way she dresses compared to the other. i thot the quiet asian guy was alright. the 'jerk' seems to have a generic or familiar character design and i felt like ive seen this type of setting and script somewhere else before.