Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

This series has always been my fav of yours.

Its a terrible shame to hear you guys mostly disbanded, I remember chatting with some of you at fanime one year, I was really hoping to see Surface continue. Such a fascinating concept that kept me wanting more. Seen this episode on your site actually, wondered why it was never uploaded here. I really hope that sometime in the future you'll get together and continue work on it. Feel free to call on me should you need some additional help or voice work.


Good story, but the character animation could use more work!!!!


A great cliff-hanger for a hard patient release

Until then your "chrono" gets the chance for resurface later on ;-)

So we'll wait patiently like always anyway :) weaving your surface for a descend for later on

Very interesting...

I find this series very interesting, especially the first episode, which I've watched around 6 times.
I've been waiting for this episode for 4 years. Every once in a while I'd check if you finally submitted the episode, so I'm very happy that you've finally submitted it!

I'm hoping that you'd come back and work on the next episode sooner rather than later, as long as you have the time of course.

Thanks again!

Oh this looks good...

I'm gonna give you a 10 in hopes it motivates you to make the next part of this story quicker than 2 years. :P