Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

I miss you guys

I saw the familiar style of drawing just by the little front page picture and immediately clicked on it. I logged onto this specifically to comment. You guys are so awesome and talented. I watched all of the Xin series and see more of what I enjoyed in this. Voice acting great as usual, general build up and intriguing and connecting with the viewer, and I'm sure there woulda been some badass fight scenes in future episodes. Glad to see you guys upload this and brief people in. Hopefully you guys will return some day and keep the great content coming. Until then, peace to you all.

Quality Stuff

Well thought out story, Great voice acting and music, and not too shabby artwork and animation.


It's like Gantz... and Godeater... and Persona...

I got a feeling.....

that this series is gunna be about mysteries, puzzles, and riddles...and there might be a possible way that people may die in this...i can see this being non-violent idk why im thinking of Myst but in that kind of way, yes. idc bout the flash being choppy but the audio...just makes me think im there and i want to solve it :3
i do love those kind of things...solving and seein' what happens next if its good or bad.

One of my favorite series for years.

I certainly hope that this series will be picked back up in the near future.
The voice acting and animation of this series are some of the better ones I've ever heard and seen since my accidental discovery on Newgrounds by following link after link back in 2009. When I saw the video on the front page I was excited and wondered if the series was to finally continue, sadly after reading that the episode was completed in 2007 and that the group had not gotten back together my hopes were dashed. Who knows though maybe it will happen.