Reviews for "Surface EP 2 (Part 2/ 2)"

i'd have to agree..

with some of the comments below..

but it does have potential- some of the voice actors did throw me off-- but nonetheless, it was still good- sometimes you just have to hope that whoever is watching has enough patience for the real stuff to start.

this really did leaving me to want more-- the art could do better-- but i don't think i should say anything, since i'm no better than you, neither do i have any flash animations.

ooh- and that's why you haven't listed down the voice actors- as they're you're own physical team.. it's sad that you've disbanded.. but i wish you all good luck- and hopes that you do come back to new grounds soon. competition is always good, and rivalry will only help you to improve and try harder, right?

anyway- ZYUUUUUUM :D!!!

*flies away*

is so uncreatif

i don't want to hate and everything, mostly because i can not make it myself but its like one really big cliché if you know what i mean
every body gets on a place. riped out of there normal life's whit lots of fuckt up stuff, and although it should be scaring like shit, everybody is cool and relaxed and they already know like 50 per cent of the shit. i where like what the freak.
you get a 7 for the animating and a 4 for the story sow that gives you a 5.5
sorry man

Damn... had potential too.

Started to play, always liked your stuff, but then got about 10 seconds in and the like first voice that came on, bleh, you sold out... so I stopped it, cause I won't sit through anything having to hear that douche-wad, next time try using some dif talent, someone with talent, and it may be worth sitting through.


I am astonished by your amazing work i have just discovered this naimation series and i was impressed from the start please if you can make another to continue his epic piece we will not be able to bare the thought of being left hanging at its a timer if you do one thin in memory of all us at newgrounds continue your work

oh my god that was cool!!

i love freaky sci fi like this!! it's really awesome!! bring out episode 3 already!! i really want to watch it!!