Reviews for "Dress To Thrill - Rio"

Dude. I like this.

That is offensife. Just because its a furry doesn't its bad I'm a furry and you andrew are a jerk. Oh And i love games like this and it is an improvemint from the frist one it just needs sound. Oh and sorry i got off topic for the first part of this i thaght that andrews review was offensive But he has a right to his opinon.


Art is pretty good. Clothes are o.k. (Clothes fit without any run over or misplacement.) Scren layout is good.( no visual blocking while trying to view you'r changes.) Goodl design, Looks nice.
Right now it is just turn the categories off/on. Needs options for each category.
Tail is a little buggy.
Needs music/sounds.
* a little interaction would be really cool.

Gave you a 10 for one reason.

Just because that guy had to make a point about this being a furry game. Well if you don't like furries then don't play the furry game.

Was originally going to give you 7 stars, it was an alright game not too many choices clothing wise, no sound/music made it a little dull. But overall good time waster. Maybe update this game with more clothes and possibly different sepcies to choose from, I prefer felines lol. Anywho. Only those few minor issues that don't really take away too much from this dress up. So yeah, keep doing what you're doing man.

Not bad.

Not your best work, but for a beta, it works. Everything works smoothly and she looks good from all angles. Except the back, the tail is a little buggy it seemed. Love your work by the way.

A total abomination

The only thing worse than a dress up game, is a dress up game with no sound that features furries. The shameless "GIVE ME MONEY" donation buttons, BUTTONS! Its lame enough to have one, but two?

So lets count the sins here. Lame dress up? Check. No sound? Check. Furries? Sadly check. Shameless money grubbing donation button for a lack luster "game" Check.

That's four strikes, bravo. Try making a real game or animation. This should never make it past the beta stages, dress ups died when Newgrounds was young.

Sorry to bash your work, but honestly, a fur fetish dress up game? You had to expect flack for this. Put your drawing skills to better use and make something else!