Reviews for "Dress To Thrill - Rio"

It's funny how you say near the beginning of your post "Long Story Short" HILARIOUS, since all you do is rage about this game. How much did it cost you to play this little flash game? 'cause the way you post a Pros/Cons list (mostly Cons and no room for Pros) It would seem like you had to chop off an extremity in order to play this game.. Seriously, I'm sure that Crowchild85 has done better than this, but it was made for our enjoyment, if you don't enjoy it then go somewhere else. No need to write an essay about why you don't like the game.. 'cause really, how can you mess up a dress up game? I have seen thousands of dress-up games worse than this.. and really.. do you think that you will get some sort of golden star for writing the longest, most repetitive, most offensive post that Nobody will read (except for me)?? *Spoiler* You wont.. there is no reward for wasting your time on the internet. Something I am doing right now.. I am sure nobody has read this post even THIS far and it is just HALF the length of your post.. anyway, Im gonna end on a good note. Good Work Crowchild. Keep it up! :)

@Ufrum: you cant take very well.

@gdrocker: you are oviusly not a furry.

This game is a poorly designed mess. Since you are unable to see it yourself, I'm going to pros and cons regarding the design choices in this game.

THE CHARACTER: Alright, so you're dressing up a anthropomorhic fox... wolf... dog? I don't even know, to be honest, but that's not the point. See the size of the game? Now see the character? Well, I barely can--there's so much empty space, it's not even fun to look at. You could almost increase the character's size threefold and still have space left over, but then the game would have a ridiculously large screen size. By the way, good idea of having the ability to toggle between a frontal and rear view, but shame on you for such poor execution. Her tail is so goddamn big and moves in such a way that it takes up anywhere from a quarter to half of her body from the waist down, which makes it impossible to see anything clearly. Want to see what her high heels look like from behind; want to measure how well she fits into her pants; or maybe you want to just admire that gigantic ass of hers? Well, too bad, there's always something in the way, and it always blocks your view when you try to adjust around it. Long story short, the character takes up too little space but her tail somehow takes up too much. I don't care how, but it needs to be fixed.

THE MENUS: Oh, boy, here we go... points to you for having so many 'options', but the way to see those options is so stupid--I thought our days of having to cycle through menu options one at a time was lost in the past! You have to click every option until you get exactly the one you want; you misclick and skip past it? Well, guess what, you have to go all the way around again. At the bare minimum, use arrows to scroll back and forth through categories that boast more than, say, four different styles. It's just a pain in the ass otherwise. And why are they on separate sides of the game screen? You have enough space there that you could condense the option buttons from both sides and stick them all to one side, making more room for the character itself... and yes, I am going to keep nagging you about that!

THE CLOTHING: This is a very hit-and-miss topic. PRO: you have many items segregated into different categories. CON: each category has very few original styles before you start seeing edits of things you've already seen, and some categories only have one item in a modicum of colors. PRO: certain articles of clothing have different little add-ons that make them different (i.e.: the dress' tinting option). CON: the clothes look tight and clingy, and it feels less like a dress-up game and more like a very precise jigsaw puzzle where you're fitting a small made-to-fit overlay onto an already small target. It looks like everything she has is literally two sizes too small and it's slowly constricting her and crushing her body slowly.

I'm glad that this is only a beta release, but I'm also disappointed in you; this is not your first dress-up doll release, so I would have expected you to learn from the mistakes of five years ago. I hope you're reading this, because if the full release is as bad as this, then you have no excuse for not trying harder. Most artists go their whole creative lives thinking they're not good enough and strive to improve, but it looks to me like you've settled for third best and stayed there.

lol i like it how she looks the same like me in the black dress xD so tight :3