Reviews for "Batman: Arkham Shitty"

LOL that was great!

No seriously, that was hilarious. Everything about this was just perfect. Even the corny voice acting fit in with the cartoon's style. We need more clever cartoons like this on Newgrounds other than the same regurgitated "randumb" humor you usually see on the front page.

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks man! I tried to stay away from potty humor and inane usage of curse words just to make my point. Very tongue in cheek. Glad to know there are people out there who want MORE OF IT!!! >:D

Parody is better than the game... FINALLY! :P

I hate Arkham City... but this parody is awesome! Great job! :)

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks so much! We personally love the game, but that's the great thing about freedom and opinions.

We appreciate your time, rating and comment!

it doesnt surprised me is skyrim related lol
good work om both


Easter Egg!

I found an easter egg On the main menu,
Somewhere right at corner up there is a window with light in,

He is Dovankiin!?

It's a short(Or normal)Flash

ha ha ha ha ha that is as funny as