Reviews for "Batman: Arkham Shitty"

Not to shabby

The way you depicted Batman as skeevy was great, really made me laugh. Bat crayons where hilarious, and the part where Batman was rubbing his junk made me drop my cigarette laughing

Truth be told however your easter egg was twice as funny as your main animation.

Good job all around, I hope you make the easter egg its own animation, it deserves it.

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks man! We initially got bad feed back for the Easter Egg, but hearing things like this makes us want to continue doing work! We're not getting paid to do these, so positive reinforcement makes it worth while.

Bloody hilarious

great animation and cool humour

i liked the easter egg better then the main thing

it was good but i liked the skyrim parody more and for once there was one with out FUS RO DA or being based around aarow to the knee

IaMI2002 responds:

Yeah, that was actually the entire basis of why I wrote the parody. That and I thought it was ridiculous that Mercer Frey's AI couldn't dodge traps in game."
Carl Buchanan

Strangely addicting.

I have probably watched this sixteen times now, It just seems so perfectly catchy to me. The speed and random shit/expressions Batman does, the interesting camera angle and the voice acting has snagged me for some reason. Excellent job overall.

IaMI2002 responds:

Haha! Thanks for all the views. And thanks for compliments. We hope our timing will be better on the next go around!

good story

I really liked the skyrim pardoy better though. nice easter egg.