Reviews for "Batman: Arkham Shitty"


I really love shorts like this, where the characters are constantly changing animations and expressions, especially in a comedic context. It gives them so much more character.

IaMI2002 responds:

Thank you much sir! We tried our best with what we had! Glad you enjoyed it.

I loved it!!!

Hilariously funny!!!!!!! Awesome graphics!!!! Superb job, and lmaooo bat crayonz XD

IaMI2002 responds:

:D You can find them at your local "Give us your money"-mart.

Strangely addicting.

I have probably watched this sixteen times now, It just seems so perfectly catchy to me. The speed and random shit/expressions Batman does, the interesting camera angle and the voice acting has snagged me for some reason. Excellent job overall.

IaMI2002 responds:

Haha! Thanks for all the views. And thanks for compliments. We hope our timing will be better on the next go around!

Not that it matters, but...

I looked in the game and, under the batman profile, it states he has a photographic memory. So... he knows every landmark in the city by heart, and would be able to pick up locations given any amount of info, I'm guessing. Not that it matters. It's a freaking comic book character. You've got a guys as ridiculous as clayface, an actor who got his powers from radioactive makeup and you beat by getting him to willingly roll himself into explosives. Four times.

ANYway, it was initially kinda funny (hah, lightning bolt things), and the animation was really nice, but it dragged on way longer than it should have. Maybe you need a better writer or something. I dunno.

Votin' a 3.

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks! Have you played the game? Batman says, "Tell me where they are." The thug says, "I'll tell you what you want." Then he knocks them out. So unless Batman is psychic as well? And even if he told him, he would require an eidetic memory to remember the exact details of how to get there. Look it up, Eidetic memory is a pretty bad ass occurrence.

Thanks for the honest review and fair rating. I like my writing :( Sorry you don't. But now that we know what people like and what they don't like I'm sure we'll be able to narrow our jokes down more. There's a first time for everything, and this was ours. We'll be sure to improve :)

Really Lackluster

I was glad to finally see a Video Game related flash that wasn't about Skyrim or Mincraft, rather on one of my favorite games of last year. But unfortunately I found this to be severely lacking in many areas.

The star of the show; the comedy, the jokes weren't funny. Some observational humor there and random silly humor here, all of which lacked a good enough punchline to make me laugh or even smirk. I felt you had a good idea and some possible potential with the Counter Icon joke, but it came by as quickly as it was brought up. And randomness could be funny if the pacing and delivery does a good job, but the whole Batman doing weird faces and staring at the Thug as he drews just felt awkward and weird. There's definitely potential for good jokes with a Batman theme, but I don't believe you guys got it. You've got the right ideas, but it's just not working quite yet.

The animation as everyone has stated isn't amazing, but it gets the job done. I felt some more inbetweens would've made everything look a lot smoother and some more heads for the two thugs talking at the beginning to make it look more natural. But whatevs. The voice acting is very slipshop; the voices are there and I can sense what they were going for, but they sounded very unenthusiastic. It sounded like a dude trying to sound like a thug, not an actual thug. And in general he needed more emotion, which perhaps would've made the writing more funny if he did.

As your first submission together I gotta say it's a very poor looking product, but you gotta start somewhere. There only seems to be a few of us who dislikes this, but hopefully that's enough to motivate you guys to try to improve your writing and animation. Good luck to any future projects.

Side note; about the people so far who gave you low scores and how you responded to them. Sure they were blunt in their opinion and their jab at your movie, but that doesn't mean you guys gotta attack them right back. Everyone is welcomed to their own opinions. Right?

IaMI2002 responds:

:D Don't want to get burned? Haha. I will retort to any inane dumb ass giving us a 1 and saying "it's bad" with the same fervor he gave me for his reasoning behind the terrible score.

With that said, your review is spot on. We are well aware of all of the fallacies of our first product and are quite proud of it. We're not getting paid daily to do this, and it's all for fun (we're also not charging anyone to watch it). I got the voices from my partying friends next door and myself, at a party. I'm not the greatest animator but I did what I could to help the jokes along. I feel the people who are rating us poorly are basing it on a lot of things that we haven't had the opportunity to develop and craft well enough yet and are holding us to a standard that's been set by people who've been doing this a lot longer than we have. Like you said, we have to start somewhere.

I asked Egoraptor to do the voices for the parody, but he never responded so you can't say I didn't try. Doing inbetweens would have made this much smoother, and the beginning could do with some more variety.

We weren't trying to get anything. We had fun doing this and hoped other people would enjoy it for what it was. Two guys making an animation. We've been very lucky to get as many views and reviews as we have (and front page) and we really appreciate people who give us pointers to help us further ourselves as animators! The 10's help too.

People are entitled to their opinion, as much as we are entitled to defend ourselves against trolls and over-all negative people who want to make us feel bad for trying something they've never even attempted or let others see. Right?