Reviews for "Batman: Arkham Shitty"

Some great gags in here, really well written. Especially funny to anyone who's played the game and had to interrogate the Riddler thugs. I also liked the poke at the lighting bolts coming out of the thugs' head. Animation was nice and smooth. Only gripe was the voice-acting, not to say it was bad, far from it, but the quality of the recording could have been better; but like you said, this is your first submission so I expect this'll improve next time :) Skyrim easter egg was also a nice touch.
I was going to give 4 stars, but Batman flicking his dong back and forth made me lose my shit, so here's another half star ;)

IaMI2002 responds:

Thanks so much! I love honest and well thought out reviews. That's were it's at.

We used a Mac Book Laptop industry mic to record, so you can be sure we'll up the production quality next go around. Thanks again for the view and critique!

niice i had an idea like this but i dont i could of pulled it off like you guys did :) i loved the counter give away part lol

IaMI2002 responds:

If you have any more good ideas maybe we could collaborate! :D We're surprised we pulled this off as well as we did.

Awesome job. I really liked the bat crayons part, that was great. Very original flash, and the animation was well done.

Awesome! And I found Skyrim part absolutely randomly! :D

Great animation of a great game. I really enjoyed this. I also like how humble you guys are with some of the lower reviews. you guys desreve a high 5!

IaMI2002 responds:

Haha thanks! *Receives high 5* Awesome.

My friends told me not to respond to everyone who gives us a bad review with no insight or positive criticism, but I think people forget that they are commenting on someone else's hardwork and time. I just like to remind them that we're people too. :) Thanks for the kind comment and good review!