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Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"

my dick

okay this is simple awesome. put a picture of fritt on every copy of SOPA and ACTA so they will be DESRRRRROOYYYYYYFFDDD

wald can you ever not be amazing?

Now there's a Ferret with restrictions :(

Damn that idiot down-voting crew.

id give a review

but the words i use may be copyrighted and then we are all going to jail

This is indubitably a great work of art :)

The most apparent quality that this video brings to the table is the aggressive comedy that it displays so artfully. But behind the comic appearance, a larger, greater, message lies within, and I think everyone can take from it something to better their understanding of censorship and its inevitable outcomes. Obviously there won't be a grim ferret burning things down (hopefully) but the manifestation of the ferret will be there nonetheless, in the form of a government entity taking advantage of its power. This is a great animation and I think it is worthy of whatever amount of praise it is receiving.

Stay Gold,


fuck SOPA and all that shit those motherfuckers are faggots!