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Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"

wish to unsee please

I understand what it saying but i still wish that i had not watched this video im not going to be able to sleep for a few days now and when i finaly do sleep i will have many nightmares

W-P-S responds:

oh boohoo


Hello you had gone with his work here (0.0) , came to full power, derupando bowl of SOPA of the system and cutting line PIPAS ( hauahauahauah ),,, u is a master at it I'm a fan congratulations man ,,\ /,(^__^) \ /, , ...

Better than it seems

I was afraid it was going to be hard to understand what was being said, but I understood it. The censored jokes at the beginning were pretty funny. It's scary how the ferret has a male voice while having four breasts. It's actually nice to see a representation of an animal like that. It reminds me of this controversy I heard about Disney characters being depicted on a Day care center. They were simply painted over.

I guess more websites about the evil of SOPA should be made instead of Disney. I love how amazingly surreal everything you make is. There's a great sense that you're trying to be unique and you succeed. I think the funniest bit was probably when you mentioned that if the ferret was drawn on a baby, the baby would be destroyed. Goofy explosive effects are usually funny.

Destrooooooyed! hehe Nice!

You mentioned ACTA, SOPA and PIPA but there is a new one already called OPEN, yeah, another one.

i have 2 ferrets

i hope thats what goes onin their tiny little heads! lmao