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Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"


look i know that sopa pipa and acta are bad.
but i really get sick of people making vids and games like this about how those bills are bad.
If you don't agree make a normaal vid where you explain how bad it is and not a piece of crap like this.
I just can't believe people are accually spending time making these kind of vids and games.

W-P-S responds:

If you don't like this flash, make a normal review that explains why and not a piece of crap like this.

I have 2 ferrets

Fritt looks like a rat.
Fuck those who wish to take away our freedoms.
Fuck those (even more so), who don't give a shit until it affects them directly (SOPA)

id give a review

but the words i use may be copyrighted and then we are all going to jail



A lot like Aadvark's animations

Not as fluid, but still holds the creepy drawn with pencil look.. The voice acting was probably the worst, but still good compared to others.