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Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"

that was too much

too disturbing...
why was the belgian flag on that first computer?

What If I Draw You on My Teachers?

Awesome. Had me laughing with each explosion.
And the ending; priceless!

Now I just gotta think of something I want to draw it on...

Good point about all this.

Seems like anything we could do will be taken down due to copyright. XD

overall: Kinda funny but proves a point.

This is indubitably a great work of art :)

The most apparent quality that this video brings to the table is the aggressive comedy that it displays so artfully. But behind the comic appearance, a larger, greater, message lies within, and I think everyone can take from it something to better their understanding of censorship and its inevitable outcomes. Obviously there won't be a grim ferret burning things down (hopefully) but the manifestation of the ferret will be there nonetheless, in the form of a government entity taking advantage of its power. This is a great animation and I think it is worthy of whatever amount of praise it is receiving.

Stay Gold,

Back to the Old Days

Reminds me of Newgrounds in her younger days, when all flash looked like this, but we pissed ourselves laughing anyway.