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Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"

loved every minute of it

love it but your animation reminds me of uhhh.......master ardvark its nice in other words (also kinda creepy)

Loved it

Your stuff crack me up, it's what newgrounds was made for, I'm sick of seing nothing but videogame parody's but was both well made and funny.


fuck SOPA and all that shit those motherfuckers are faggots!


Well I sure learned a lesson there.

If you go over the top, swing for the fences.

This was so insane that it was perfect for what it was. It stops being about SOPA after a while, and just goes bat-shit nuts rather than beat the original point into the ground. Also, it was wisely short, and you didn't bother trying to make us love the ferret character. While it wasn't particularly ambitious, it gets its point across, is hilarious, and leaves before it wears out anyone's welcome. Fucking aces, dude.