Reviews for "Fritt the (C) Ferret"

baby scene made me cringe

get your message but the baby scene was to much

this was great

Seriously. The animation was really good and believable. Content was funny and right to the point. Very cartoony and voices were fitting. The humour was set-up in a clever way of delivery to the punch line, and the background and layout art was very well done. I liked the attention to detail through-out and the coloring. All in all this was a good little short! =) Good to see you back and working man.


this is frontpaged and still under judgement? WTF?!?!?!

So extreme...

But anyway... Movie is pretty ridiculous. Animation is a little choppy. Voice is a bit annoying. Still worth a watch.

Ey this is pretty cool

One of the most original anti-SOPA/PIPA cartoon! The humour in this is great and the message to.

Great film, also continue the anusboy movie.