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Reviews for "Back to Alien Party"



Idk what you've been smoking.

Great game.

Fun Game!

There sure is a lot of whining going on here...

The game worked just fine for me on my 4-year old windows computer. The lag, if any, was negligible, and unused objects disappeared just fine. The upgrades were a little slow in the beginning, but that's the point, isn't it?

If any of the folks below me actually took a good 90 minutes and BEAT the game, they'd realize the later upgrades (helmet/ship) make you practically invincible.

Good music, good graphics, good upgrades, kept me involved the entire time. All in all, another great launch/toss game.

Aliens there here to borrow our helmets!

Great game,
If your game is lagging try saving and reopening your browser, I am on an ancient laptop and had barely any lag, because I restarted my browser twice.

Was a very fun game.

first playthrough it got laggy, but worked later

if you get poor results and the ship seems to take WAY too long to move, it's b/c you MUST refresh the page. the game autosaves so it's also easy to do.

the game mechanics were original yet stuck to some basics. i often found myself amazed by how many variables i was attempting to optimize at each decision interval.

great game- very cute


Cool game, only thing that bugged me was to wait for the fall down once you have all the upgrades and don't need the money.
Adding a little restart button for impatient folks would be appreciated