Reviews for "Pick and Dig 3"

Dick and Pig

Game sucks dude.


If you could actually jump it would help, or if you could put a more informaive signpost at the beggining I would rate it higher. Aaltogether it looked like a good game. (shame that not being able to jump prevented me from actually finishing the 1st level). Can someone help?

There seems to be a problem.

I picked Super Hand Streng(sic - supposed to be "Strength," I presume?) first, and I'm stuck with six coins and I can't for the life of me seem to get any others.

The middle door on the bottom has one coin left, the one above you when you start, but I can't get to it because I don't have the Spider-Man ability to shimmy up between the walls down below, and have to use two of my ladders to get myself within arm's reach of the ladder above, leaving me without enough ladders to do anything useful.

The leftmost door at Height 3 is open, but I cannot get to it to use it, so it's kind of useless to me.

The middle door at Height 3 has one coin left, the one directly above the door, but there's no way to get to it.

The rightmost door on Height 3 has one coin left, but there's no way to get to it between not having Spider-Man and Tenacity.

The rightmost door at Height 5 has two coins left, the one atop the boxes and the one hovering in the air off the cliff in front of the magma. Again, not possible without Tenacity.

The second-to-rightmost door at Height 7 has all three coins in it, because this mission is absolutely impossible with only Super Hand Strength. It is Literally impossible to complete this mission with only Upper Hand Strength, no matter what you do. You can only collect one coin, but even then you can't leave the map because you don't have the key or a hammer. If you climb the first ladder to smash down and grab the hammer with your shovel, you can't get to the key because you need two shovels, and if you don't, you can't get the other shovel.

Please, please tell me what I'm supposed to do to complete this game having chosen Super Hand Strength first. Because I am absolutely STUMPED! And worse, most grave, there isn't an option to reset either your skill choice or the whole game. I'd have to either muck about in the flash folder, or reset ALL my flash cookies, to reset this beast. Please, if there's something I'm missing, tell me, because for the life of me I cannot figure it out.

Ridiculously, I can't open any of the four doors at Height 4 or 6, despite them looking like the obvious ones to open with Super Hand Strength. I think your developer overlooked this one somehow, that or he's some kind of demented genius that the rest of us can't be, and is seeing something I'm not.

"can't win now"

Unless i'm missing something if you choose hand strength instead of tenacity you lose. You can't get enough coins to buy tenacity and with auto save you can never re-start without hunting down the save file on your comp.

myplayyard responds:

We are checking that issue. we will upload an update if needed.
thank you.