Reviews for "Pick and Dig 3"

fun but...

Its fun but I think you should lower the upgrade costs by 1 or 2 coins because at some point its almost impossible to continue playing due to how I'm always getting stuck with just 8-9 coins and i replay all the levels at least 10-20 times yet can't get the money needed for the other 10 coin upgrade.

I need gratification atleast a GoodJob!High Five!

The game just stops after you complete the last level; sort of disappointing. Also what's the point in the collecting the coins after you buy all 3 upgrades when there's nothing to do with them, same with the gems.

good game but...i'm stuck in one level

this game is nice, i picked the upgrades a according to what i needed and it went ok (also from top to bottom in the shop) but I cannot get the gem in the door you get to if you go all to the right and then up and of the two doors you get to the one on the right (there are two more doors further up but to get to them you have to come from the left), basically i need another ladder because i have all the upgrades, unless you can place ladders in mid air or from adjacent ladders which you can't...plz help!! make a walkthrough or something

If you buy the second training instead of the first one, you get stucked!

Hand Strength 1st = No Win Scenario

Neat enough game, but ran into a similar issues as other have apparently. Despite a rather obvious path, the far left set of doors that need to be accessed with the Super Hand Strength ability do not open, and the rest of the available doors offer coins that require the other two abilities to get. Was in the end left with 6 coins and no way to continue.

Besides this critical issue the game is fun and simple, has a cheery and pleasant soundtrack, and despite some lag whenever an item was used, ran fairly smoothly.