Reviews for "Pick and Dig 3"

fun but...

Its fun but I think you should lower the upgrade costs by 1 or 2 coins because at some point its almost impossible to continue playing due to how I'm always getting stuck with just 8-9 coins and i replay all the levels at least 10-20 times yet can't get the money needed for the other 10 coin upgrade.

awesome puzzle

I love this game!

"can't win now"

Unless i'm missing something if you choose hand strength instead of tenacity you lose. You can't get enough coins to buy tenacity and with auto save you can never re-start without hunting down the save file on your comp.

myplayyard responds:

We are checking that issue. we will upload an update if needed.
thank you.

Great Puzzles

I have enjoyed this series- great games well polished- I love games that make you think

myplayyard responds:

Thank you, so do I :)