Reviews for "Pick and Dig 3"

Dick and Pig

Game sucks dude.

Fatal flaw

Good game, but there's a fatal flaw in the design. If you buy tenacity first then spider-man, you won't be able to complete the game. I've gotten every coin I can in every level available to me, but I only have 4 coins remaining and that's not enough to buy "super hand streng." I don't see any credits anywhere so I don't know how to get in touch with the developer, but if you're reading this could you please fix it so that maybe the levels that you can only reach with spider-man are unlocked? Or myplayyard, could you please pass my message along to the developer?

myplayyard responds:

There is a way to finish the game no matter what upgrade you buy first. I checked it with the developer and he verified that.
I hope you enjoyed the game and you'll find that way :)
Thank you,
Saar (MyPlayYard)


this was a fun game. the puzzles were well made and the theme of the game was nice. i found myself wishing i bought a different upgrade at the start but eventually worked through them.
good job all around


basic controls, puzzles. a great platformer.

hmmm ^^

this game is good i dont have any bad point to say. it a good game of logic ^^ continue on this path my friend !