Reviews for "Pick and Dig 3"

Very cool game

BUT it get's to hard for me at one level that I can't complete!

I need gratification atleast a GoodJob!High Five!

The game just stops after you complete the last level; sort of disappointing. Also what's the point in the collecting the coins after you buy all 3 upgrades when there's nothing to do with them, same with the gems.


If you could actually jump it would help, or if you could put a more informaive signpost at the beggining I would rate it higher. Aaltogether it looked like a good game. (shame that not being able to jump prevented me from actually finishing the 1st level). Can someone help?

Very nice but

how do you keep the stuff you collect at a level(like ladders axepicks and so on?

Pretty good all 'round

Unlike a previous asshole, I'm going to be constructive about pointing this out.
I went for the hand strength upgrade too and for a while thought I was stuck. There is a solution, there's a trick to how you place ladders on some levels.

And the game is pretty cool, except for the somewhat frustrating sticking point that obviously is difficult enough that a lot of players have struggled with it. I don't really see any way around it though without rewriting the entire game, so... maybe a brief tutorial suggesting the ladder placement strategies that some people are missing?
This is the first time I've played one of the games in this series and I think I'll be going back to try the first two when I've finished here.