Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 6"

so damn awesome!

man! i love this series so much! the characters, the soundeffects, the voice acting, the humor. it`s so damn great! It`s so true that the badass-mofos are always some 12years old kids. you care about every little detail for this. i`m just amazed, amused and overwhelmed. keep up this masterpiece!

Great series!

Your artistic depiction of the minecraft universe is spot on and your character names are hillarious. Makes me wonder if they are from real people you have encountered on the net. I like plot alot and its progression through there series keeps me wanting more. Keep up the good work.

This is great.

Just a quick note - Part 7, The Valiant Venture, is up on YouTube by Machinima with Snake, Poop and N00bly reuniting! Watch it now!

just by the way guys

they have an episode after the one on newgrounds on youtube. meaning when 7 comes out here, 8 will have already been on youtube. LOL

This series is too damn accurate!