Reviews for "Koopa's day"


Mario did make a F*ckinMess of Koopa blood all over the yard.

Memories of Bomb-Omb Battlefield

A nostalgic trip down the koopa shell.

I know it's about one minute long, but in this piece, time was right in place.
The ironic surprise of when Mario interferes Koopa Troopa's exercise routine, would be the crucial part of the animation. For Mario in the cliche fashion, Koopas are basically a small obstacle in his path, as this failed documentary shows.

It felt quite satisfying seeing the appearance of the characters. You also did a good job with the expressions, from the various expressions from Koopa Troopa, to the dark behavior of Mario test driving the shell (so to speak).

Presented as a whole, the product is of a simple parodied concept that works on many fields. The use of macabre was an unexpected (and positive) element viewing this product, with Lakitu's emotion being perfect for an ending.

A rating of 9 stars overall. Reason for one star deduction: Where were the Goombas after the incident?

It's stuff like this that made me bookmark you.

Animation is great. Jokes are amazing. (A chickens life had great references). Decent voice acting (compared to everything else I've seen). 10/10. Good job.

I will always wonder

How come there are still so many goombas and koopas y mario and company kills em all

Good job

Nice mario cartoon mate
funny point of vieuwing on a good old koopa's day ;)
keep it up