Reviews for "Koopa's day"

i cried................for the koopa, the POOR POOR KOOPA!!!, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I can't stop laughing because that's probably how Mario really seemed like in Super Mario 64 in the Bob-Omb Battlefield! It's hilarious to see this from Lakitu and the Koopa's perspective!

I still can't stop laughing, and I'm feeling bad because of it because it's so saddening for the koopa...

I always knew...

That mario was a dick, lol

The look on the worms face was awsome

I was sort of expecting Mario to bash a few enimes with the turtle shell though.

Pure Horror

When you look at the Mario world in this way you realize, you not playing as a Hero but as a psychotic murderer. *Stares in Pure Horror*, It was a great video!