Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

A Bizarre World

A short and very fun adventure game. The world is haunting, yet intriguing at the same time.

Mmm, delicious.

A wonderfully dark and morbid game, easily my new favorite. I loved the animation, and with headphones on the atmosphere really stands out. 10/10.

On a side note, big ups to the review below me. I really wish people grew up with the game systems I did, instead of coming up spoiled as far as vidya games go.


Very haunting and satisfying. Just challenging enough. I got the mid-game lag too, but it seemed to clear up after the boat part. My only real complaint would be that I wish it had been longer. I'd definitely like to see a sequel.

heh reminds me lots of limbo (even thought i dint play it) i wached some videos about it while i was 7-9 and dint want to download the game cause it was creepy but this one is quite relaxing to say. nice job man :D 10/10 5/5

ignore dohvaklingaming112's review. obviously a trash person. this is beautiful.