Reviews for "Q - compressing the heart"

Nostalgia much?

Not played anything like this in years!

And what can be said, it's beautiful in every aspect. The animation, music and story are all amazing and it'd be nice to see this on the console market places.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a creation of Tim Burton. Nice work!

Very good game, ignore pierrecurie

To all people confused about the boat killing scene: Don't you remember the part at the beginning where he's heart is ripped off? HE IS HEARTLESS! GET IT NOW?!? Because he doesn't have a heart, he doesn't have a care in the world and just decides that he wants the boat guys eye and kills him for it (plus steal his boat to continue his adventure to find the guy who stole his heart).

I was also able to get the ending, because from what i see, it's a cliffhanger. he might be making a sequel. Think about it people.

Anyway, the gameplay is very well done. Alot of people keep saying the whole game is just clicking like crazy and crap, but really your suppose to THINK of what to do next. Think outside the box. And thats what this game did. It was indeed challenging, but it was unique aswell.

The music and art was beautiful, like alot of people have said. It really fits the mood of this game.

The soul mode platforming had a purpose on why, after touching the 3rd monster, you have this flat, empty land with nothing there for several seconds, because you're soul doesn't just get back to you just like that, it takes time before your soul makes it back to, what seems to be at the end of the platforming, the body, so that you have a soul again.

The plot of this was simple, but brilliant, and the puzzles were well made too, aswell as challenging.

People like pierrecurie are just too stupid to get this game. It's unique, challenging and, above all, a great game.

10/10 5/5

I hope that there is a sequel so that we can see what happens next after he kills the man who stole his heart and get his heart back.

good attempt, but crap

I'll give you credit for the good music and "art"/style, but just about everything else about it fails.

You want a minimalistic feel? Fine, but include _some_ visual aids to compensate. The bright red leaf at the beginning was good. The "hopping on boat" part was fail, since the branch one is supposed to click on blends in with the surroundings.

The soul mode platforming was rather pointless. It's especially so after touching the 3rd monster - you run across a flat, empty expanse for several seconds. This last little bit is unnecessary filler.

As others have complained, killing the boat friend was senseless violence; the character was fine with one eye. Yes, there are many other newgrounds games with senseless violence, but they're almost all of the "silly" variety, or the character is otherwise consistently characterized as an ass. Your character is silent, and without characterization, yet suddenly kills for no obvious reason. You try to be serious/artsy, but this incident does not fit in.

The ending sucks royally. You push the guy into a pit of corpses... then what?

Finally, the game lags to all hell, especially in the underground region. You do not need to simulate the water with photorealistic precision. I can run TF2 at max settings without problems; how can your game require more computational power, when there is less crap on the screen?


Goddammit this game lags A LOT. But still ice music.

game was awsome but..

when i got to the point were i needed to use the arrow keys it didint let me i tryed playing it in a pop up as well but up entill that point the game was awesomeness