Reviews for "Your Father's Blade"

Seems like a song that Ubisoft would use as the music for an Assassin's Creed game. Good job!

I wasn't sure what to think of it for the first half. I was getting worried cause I'm listening to this late in the day and all the reviews are like "this is awesome" and I was like "I hope I'm not missing something". Then once it got to 02:20 I was like "Ok I got it now".

So a little slow and quiet at first, but this is a really emotional piece. I like it. Oh, and it also helps when I turn the volume up in my earbuds.

Well done

EvilRaccoon responds:

Yeah, I don't go too aggressive on the compression because it will destroy the quality. If you listen to a lot of score music, they do tend to be quieter than the usual electronic track. So you'll find most of my music quieter than the loudness war that Newgrounds has on ;)

Thanks for the review.

Now I need to go and re-watch Memoirs of a Geisha. There's something about this piece that is really reminiscent. The level of quality in the songs submitted in this year's NGADM is really above any other year. It's genuinely incredible. You've outdone yourself with this piece Peter.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks so much etherealwinds! :D

The song developed very slowly in the first half, but the song's climax was worth the wait. I think you could have added more sound effects, like cymbals.

I think you should have removed the string with the bass frequencies once the climax ended. It would have made the song's conclusion sound lighter.

This is jut a minor complaint, but the guitar was hard to hear. Also, I think some instruments, such as the strings, had too much reverb, while other instruments, like the vocals and drums, didn't have enough.

The song's emotion was incredible and I felt like I was in a movie about a war that took place thousands of years ago.

OMG Peter... This is fucking incredible! Great track!
I missed a lot of the NGADM this year, but now I have a little more time, so I'll definetly follow it now (Since the last rounds are the most competitive ones).
You did good this year, dude! And good luck this round... SoundChris is an amazing musician! Good luck to you both and I expect to hear your bests!!